Full Circle

Last week, I was on Facetime with my dear friend Taylor Stewart. I may have mentioned her before because she is really one of those people that constantly keep me up. Anyway, I was on the phone with her and we “got into some thangz” like we always do. I was catching her up on my trip to Chicago and how I ran into someone up there that used to read my blog. I told her that this was the second person recently to tell me this. She said, “maybe you should start blogging again.” So here I am, in front of my computer typing words, hoping that they will share another part of my story. So, now, I am reflecting.

Truth is, this year I could have worked a little harder, been a little stronger, done a little more but I did not. I am here at 23 years old and all I can do is be built for the road ahead. So, I guess I should share some life updates? Yeah, let’s do that.

Well, let’s see. I joined the world’s greatest sorority. Then, I met Oprah at my friend Gloria’s graduation dinner two weeks after! But I said goodbye to my aunt four days after that. I saw Texas with the girls, went to Colombia with the fam, saw Queen Bey with the bestie and went to a vineyard with her, too. My brother went off to college. I was working with another agency but abruptly stopped (but I learned a lot from that experience). And in the last quarter of the year, I have been focusing on starting to have events with my org that I started online, “Joyday.” It just feels like although so much has changed in my life, I am still stagnant.

I have grown enough to be able to say that I keep the past in arms reach because the uncertainty of my future scares me. I also confuse love with comfort, often. But God is changing my heart. He keeps the scripture, “Guard your heart for it determines the course of your life,” in the forefront of my mind. That scripture is nothing but the truth (i will get into all of that on another day). I guess what I am trying to say is that everything is not all yellow hearts and blue skies. Life is definitely not the Disney movie I thought it would be and I am back to blogging.

I guess everything really does come around full circle.

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