Breaking Insecurities

I do not know where all of these insecurities of mine came from but I do know I am not going to claim them. I want to break my bad habits. I want to overcome all thoughts that make me think that I, Morgan Brittani, am not enough. That is why I began #BreakingInsecurities. 

How did I do that?

1. I turned off all notifications to social media. Why was I so concerned about what was going on in the virtual world? I needed to be physcially here instead of on my cellphone. I needed to know that likes, favorites, retweets and comments do not make me any more beautiful than the next girl. I needed to figure out that those things to not define my worth.

2. Dressing to impress. I began to dress up everyday. I know.. You may ask, why? It was not for male attention but simply to make me feel confident in myself. (LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTER is real guys)

3. Stopped comparing myself to the next girl. I am me. I am always going to be me. No one is going to be me like me.. so if a guy wants another girl don't fight, don't envy but instead continue being you. Someone is going to see you for you and scoop you up like some ice cream doll.

4. Just praying even helps. I continuously pray when I find myself comparing, confused and/or overwhelmed. If I find myself feeling insecure about anything I pray that God will take those feelings of insecurity away.

I hope this helps someone in their journey as they begin #BreakingInsecurities. It is such a freeing feeling to feel secure in ones self! Self love is real and once you experience it you begin to feel so much better about everything.


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