Blessed NOT Stressed

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take." [Proverbs 3:5-6]

I think of this scripture when I think of my last couple of weeks. I have been so stressed out and overwhelmed by school, traveling back and forth, as well as making deadlines. Being on the quarter system truly makes me miss my dear old semester system at my previous school. Having ten weeks to do the same amount of work takes a lot of prayer and patience.

I feel as if I have been going through test after test and God continues to say, "Morgan.. Just TRUST me. You will be alright." However, I still worry. Why is this? So last night the day before the quarter finally ends I found myself crying at two in the morning because my website would not go live onto the internet. I heard God tell me to just calm down and wait for him to fix it. I ignored him asking everyone in my class what I should do to fix it. I was thinking to myself, "God I can't wait for you to show up. I have deadlines." No one in my class knew how to fix my problems. I was so overwhelmed but knew I needed some rest before my drive so I went to sleep. Praying to God that he would make a way for me.

Around 5, God woke me from my sleep telling me to get dressed and to go to my school. Instead of questioning God I did it. I was not going to hear God's voice yet again and not listen to it. When God tells me to do something thats what I will do, that something.  So I went to school listening to Kirk Franklin's Radio on Pandora [shoutout to John who has the best Pandora playlists ever] and all the songs were talking about trusting in God. God was reassuring me that as I trust in him he will favor me. As I am driving to school I begin to feel a wave of peace over my spirit. 

The moment I get to the computer at school I say a prayer, "God have your way. I have peace with everything you have planned." When I opened Dreamweaver everything began to work. I was able to turn in as well as complete all of my assignments.

To God be the glory, sometimes we need to stop worrying and start remembering that we are blessed and highly favored by the one who knew the outcome before we knew the situation. God is so good. Stay encouraged. Stay Blessed.

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