The Revival

Honestly, what a year. Twenty-won was a dream come true but now it is time to say goodbye and head over to twenty-two. I have learned a lot but most of all I have learned that through it all stay faithful.

The Last Supper with  Maame

The Last Supper with Maame

Not just any faith, faithful in God. He will do all of the things that he said he would do for you. He knows every mistake you make before you make it, every shortcoming you have, and every burden you need to unload. This year I stopped trying to understand things that I was never meant to understand. I replaced those notions with trust in God.

Trusting in God once more has allowed me to be on one accord with him. I hear my worldly voice, however, I hear his voice much louder because I have stopped moving on my own and started listening to the one who knows me better than I know myself.

Last Slay of Twenty-Won. Photo by Maame

Last Slay of Twenty-Won. Photo by Maame

Cuba probably inspired the way I am going to introduce my twenty-second year of life. In white, why? Because in Cuba a religion shows if you wear white you are dying of your old self and being made new. I want to die of my old self and be made new in Christ Jesus once more tomorrow. I want to be thankful for what I do have and stop reflecting on what I don't have yet. God knows my heart and if I listen to him I know he will mend it.

So with that being said, Here's to Twenty-Two.

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