Ms. Bougie on a Budget

It is me again, Morgan Brittani Daniels the First. Your favorite inconsistently consistent blogger. Today, I am here to share with you some of my fashion secrets. I, like most, love to dress up. But I also love to save my money.

Something that I have been trying to master is how to look the way I want to look but also save the money I need to save. Well, now is the time for me to share the ins and outs of how I do it. I am about to give you all the insiders scoop on this outfit.

"Shoes, twelve hundred dollars. Glass, that's four hundred dollars. But [girl] my outfit, that's $20 [girl]. Get yourself together, [girl]. Learn how to budget, [yo]." Cardi B.

After seeing that video, I got myself together. I always spend more money on accessories than clothes (shoes, jewelry, etc). Especially shoes, I'd rather have shoes that last a long long time than shoes that are easily broken.

Then, when it comes to the clothes. This is where you can learn a few tricks.


My sweater is from H&M for $34.96. I had my eyes on it for about three weeks. I always do that before buying a piece of clothing like that. Why? Because I want to see if this is just something that I want in the moment or want for a lifetime. Anywho, when I knew I was ready to purchase it, I brought three pairs of clothes that I no longer want with me.

H&M has a 15% off your purchase when recycling clothes rule. Don't miss your blessing boo. So a almost $40 sweater (quality too) price goes down in seconds.

Now, lets get into that denim. Well, that's from Forever 21. For $20. Now, when it comes to denim I am normally a baller but for something like boyfriend jeans with holes in them. Psshh, ball out for why? I got these when I was a student and got a student discount. Then, I threw these shades in my purchase for $3. Why ball out on shades when you can't see without your glasses?? Save money, sis.

When it comes to my shoes, they were about $300. BUT they are classy and can be dressed up as well as down. Get into the classy shoes. They are the best. I am a pointy toe shoe guru. These shoes are super comfy and made by Louise et Cie. They are french and I love the french.

Moral of the story, shop but shop responsibly and you too can be Bougie on a Budget. Until next time, the blogger you love to hear from, Morgan Brittani Daniels the First.

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