Little Miss Polka-Not

Polka-dot. That is what this one boy used to call me in high school. I know he didn't mean any harm but that name scarred me. Why did he call me polka-dot? Well, that was because of my acne. It wasn't the worst now that I think about it but it wasn't the best either. I felt ugly.

I did it all. Dermatologist appointments, Acne Pills, Skin Peels and nothing, I still felt ugly with all of that acne on my face. I still felt like "Polka-dot."

Even as my acne cleared up in college, I still felt the insecurities of being less than for not having clearer than clear skin. Epiduo was my go to but it wasn't doing all I wanted it to do unfortunately.

Then, last year, I made a promise to myself on my 21st birthday to work on my skin. It was a process.

1. I started using Clean and Clear Morning Burst. Then, I realized I needed more than just Clean and Clear because my face started to peel.

2. After, realizing that I began using the Dickinson's Witch Hazel Skin Toner after followed by Aveeno Facial Moisturizer

3. Then, my friend Rosalyn introduced me to several masks (My favorite Avocado Mask) and "Rose Water" to help me clear my skin even more than before! Thank you girlaa.

Anyway, some boys are just whatever and acne is not forever. Love you all and stay encouraged.

Photo by  Chamere Studios . Shirt by  JOYday Movement

Photo by Chamere Studios. Shirt by JOYday Movement